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The goal for McDougald Ag Ventures is have relationships built on trust and to provide unbiased agronomy services for farmers. Through leading-edge services and advice, we are able to manage crops and fertility at high resolution, which in turn provides our clients with opportunities to maximize their yield potential and profitability.


Crop Scouting

This Service provides your own personal agronomist. Season long crop scouting and recommendations for weeds, diseases and insects.  


Monitoring weeds begins in the spring for pre-seed, pre-emergent and in crop herbicide recommendations. Recommendations include timing, mixing and product totals.   Disease scouting is happening continuously and during critical time periods the best time to spray a fungicide is advised.  Insects are monitored all season long and coordinated to different insects and life cycles. Pre-harvest staging and fall weed control options are also included the service.  


Observation made over the year go into the beginning of next years crop plan for the long term benefit. All crop planning and record keeping is done and shared with the SWAT RECORDS app.

SWAT MAPS Variable-Rate Fertilizer, Seed & Pesticides

What are SWAT MAPS?  Soil, Water and Topography MAPS are high resolution soil foundation maps used to execute variable rate fertilizer, seed, soil amendment, herbicide, and precision water management. 


Soil texture, water flow accumulation, topographic variability and soil properties such as salinity is used to create one single map the best depicts how the soil, water and topography influence the fertility plan for fields.  


Information is gathered using a SWAT BOX.  Once the SWAT MAP is ground -truthed, it can be soil sampled by zone to reflect the the soil and nutrient variability.  Reports and prescriptions for seed, fertilizer, or soil applied herbicides are created using the SWAT MAP and soil test results.


Soil Sampling & Fertility Planning

Soil Sampling forms a basis for crop planning. Nutrient levels in the soil vary from year to year, so it is important to perform soil sampling and testing.  If your farm isn’t set up for variable rate fertilizer we still offer composite sampling services that includes a detailed soil fertility plan.

Crop Scouting
Soil Sampling
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