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Agronomy at High Resolution

Providing Agronomy & Variable-Rate Services in Southern Manitoba

Our Services

Our service offerings are based on managing crops and soils at high resolution. We provide unparalled agronomy and fertility advice and the premier variable-rate fertilizer and seed map on the market.


SWAT MAPS are management zone maps created using multiple layers of field data including soil, water, and topography; collected using the SWAT BOX powered by SWAT RECORDS. 



Essential field scouting and agronomic advice that farmers need all year.  Scouting and recommendations for weeds insects and disease that farmers can rely on.


Soil tests are vital to determine crop nutrient needs. Fertility plan includes soil sampling & analysis for individual fields across the farm.


You Farm It, We Manage It

If you’re not doing your own field scouting or fertility planning, some one else has to do it.

McDougald Ag Ventures is up for the challenge to deliver the best local independent agronomy services for the best value.

What Our Clients Say

We have the pleasure of working closely with many forward-thinking farmers in southern Manitoba who are taking their farming operation to the next level.

I worked with Matt for several years and the quality of advice and work that he provides, I don’t think can be matched. He is totally dedicated to his customers, profession and constant improvement. If you’re in the market for VR or agronomy advice, Matt is your guy.

Ian Cook

Matt is integral in our farming operation. His dedication to providing timely advice is greatly appreciated.

Rodgers Farms Ltd.

Matt has been doing our fertility planning for a few years, and this was year 1 for our scouting. He has done a great job pushing yields with our fertility planning, and is an excellent source for bouncing idea/info off of. I would recommended him to anyone!

Steven Mangin

About McDougald Ag Ventures

Matt's passion in soils and fertility has lead him to helping farmers increase yield and profitability across fields. The goal for McDougald Ag Ventures is have relationships built on trust and to provide unbiased agronomy services for farmers.


SWAT MAPS Variable-Rate Fertilizer & Seed 

In partnership with Croptimistic Technology Inc., McDougald Ag Ventures is proud to offer the best variable-rate fertilizer and seed map on the market.

SWAT MAPS indicate a field’s soil potential based off soil characteristics and water availability, which influences nutrient and fertility responsiveness.

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